How to Download Magisk 17.2 [Latest Apk]

John Wo developed Magisk, the very first update of Magisk 17.2 was done within a few hours, but it took time for the developers to release the next update for Magisk. Magisk 17.2 is the newer version of Magisk 17.2.

 In the latest version, you will see a new communication scheme, updated Resetprop and more. The Magisk Manager App has also been updated to 6.0.0 version.

Beta Version of Magisk has been released but not from the stable channel. So, if you are already using Magisk no need to install it again, you can update it.

Magisk gives you the root privileges to access your Android Device. Magisk is considered to be the most known and reliable tool now-a-days.

 It helps in rooting the majority of the Android devices. Many other solutions can be used, but Magisk is the priority.  

The main advantage of Magisk over other solutions is that it will root your device without even touching system partition. It does not break OTA Support of your device too.

Advantages of Rooting


Rooting is a procedure in which we unlock the device kernel mode, and we can access the full device. It will help you in modifying your programs and system files the way you want. You can remove unwanted data from your device. Which will intern assist you in speeding up your phone, clean the junk files and speed up your device speed? It can also help you increase the battery life your device. 

Some applications are available on Play Store that needs the root access. So, to use those application’s, the device must be rooted with Magisk.

Magisk 17.2 Changelog (Functions)

magisk 17.2 changelog

¬     [ResetProp] its function is to Update the  AOSP upstream to provision the following system properties.

¬     [MagiskInit] ir Randomizes the  Magisk services and names to stop discovery (e.g., FGO).

¬     [MagiskSU] it is a new communication system helps to communicate with Magisk  Manager.

Magisk Manager 6.0.0 Changelog

Download Mahisk Manager 6.0.0 from here

Its functionalities include the following: 

¬    It updates the newest AndroidX support library.

¬    Helps in Fixing the crashes when online repos comprise partial metadata.

¬    Optimizes the  BootSigner that uses the small memory and stops OutOfMemoryError.

¬    It supports the new communication scheme among Magisk v17.2 and Magisk Manager.

¬    Permits extreme complication to stop APK analysis root findings.

How to Download Magisk 17.2

The Magisk 17.1 is the previous version of Magisk 17.2 version and can be raced by using TWRP customized recovery system. 

If you have already installed Magisk 17.1 in the order them, then there is no need of installing Magisk 17.1. One can directly inform it by means of the beta channel.

How to download magisk for android 9.0 pie

Oreo and Magisk 17.1 and 17.2.

1.    Using TWRP recovery flash the Magisk 17.2 ZIP.

2.    Patch the current firmware using the stock boot image and flash it by using fastboot.

If you are doing this first time, we won’t recommend you to follow the second step since it is a bit complicated. In order to familiarize with the steps, follow the below link.

How to: Update Magisk root to latest Version

Follow the below steps.

1.    Open the Magisk Manager app.

2.    Go to ‘Settings’ on the top-left menu icon from Magic app.

3.    Go down and tap on “Update Channel.”

4.    Tap on ‘Beta’ for the latest version.

5.    Go back to the menu and refresh the screen by filching screen down.

6.    After refreshing the pop up will provide you the update option.

7.    Click on “Install” or in another case “Direct Install.”

8.    Now the Latest version will work automatically.

9.    Restart the device by tapping the “Reboot” button.

Now the MagiskHide will update automatically to the latest version and can use MagiskHide to avoid apps to access root detection.

Enjoy by using the latest version of Magisk which is compatible with Magic Oreo.

Reasons for using Magisk

If you are new and using Magisk, the following are the reasons that will compel you to download Magisk.

¬    It helps the user to test the apps for better properties combination.

¬    It does not require system.

¬    It works without modifying the partition, and its installation and uninstallation are easy.

¬    Magisk manager contains all the Magisk modules.

And in the end, if you are not feeling comfortable with Magisk, you can remove it whenever you want.

Concluding Views

A number of root software’s can be found on the internet, but most of them have no stability, they contain bugs and errors. Also, they are not updated with time. So Magisk 17.2 is different, and it is user-friendly so better to use Magisk.

Magic Oreo is the latest version that can be downloaded using magic manager. It is a stable and bug proof version.

I hope that you will like reading our article. Tell us if you find this article helpful and your suggestions will be considered. We will be uploading more tech related articles in the future so, keep in touch with us.

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