Root and Instal Twrp On Samsung S8 and s8 plus [CRGH ROM August 2018]

Hello, my Valuable visitor thank you so much for visiting my come to read this guide how to root Samsung S8 or S8 plus which have a CRGH room and also have the latest version which released on August 2018.

So let me explain to you why we feel to publish this guide Because a lot of people are struggling to root or to install TWRP on their Samsung S8 or S8 plus after August update because Samsung's developers don't want you to root your device,
and that's why they have some new tweaks and there some new updates to stop people from installing the TWRP to root with their S8 or S8 Plus.

Finally, we find a proper and working way to root your devices.

we are going to show you this appropriate way to root your device without any issue because we know that people try to use another guide in most cases you can root your device but when you restart your phone you are getting there that problem your Samsung stop on restart on Samsung logo, and there you get the message only official release binaries are allowed to flash.
So that's why we feel that we have to give you the proper guide to root your new cell phone with new versions.

Root and Instal Twrp On Samsung S8 and s8 plus [CRGH ROM August 2018]

so before proceeding, please keep in your mind if you want to root your device before proceeding further please make the backup of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 plus using the smart switch.

we are giving you link below you can use another tool that can backup we are also offering the link you below and even double check that before rebooting a device you switch on or you Tick OEM unlock because if the OEM unlock option does not check your device will Stuck On Boot Screen, and you have to flash again, and you have to proceed with everything still and one more thing


Installing it TWRP or root  Samsung S8 or S8 plus it's a very technical stuff if you don't have a proper knowledge or you don't follow the guide step-by-step maybe you going to brick your phone please try this guide on your risk we are not responsible if you brick your device or if it stuck on boot loop.

Root and Instal Twrp On Samsung S8 and s8 plus [CRGH ROM August 2018] 1

so let's get started we need some specific Tools and apps to install TWRP on Samsung S8 and S8 plus having the latest August 2018.

1-For S8 twrp-3.2.3-0-dreamlte.img.tar download on download on giving the link
2-Samsung S8 plus you need a For S8+ twrp-3.2.3-0-dream2lte.img.tar download.
3-For S8 and S8+ download
4-Other versions are ​here
5-Odin3-v3.13.1 download
6-Samsung drivers download
7-MagiskManager-v6.0.0.apk from here.
8-you also need a Root Checker pro APK you can download from Play Store.
9-Titanium Backup from here

Important Notice

we Strongly Recommend You to backup your essential data from internal storage to your external storage.

In most cases, I am using the smart switch, but you can use the smart switch or any other application for a backup which suitable for you.
Please keep in your mind smart switch not going to back up your blue mail or call recorder for something like that thing so before proceeding further.

Now you have to go to the settings, and then you can go to about phone and in about phone you will see software information option tap on it and you will find the build number Option, please keep pressing 7 times that build number option and then the other option will appear That's call developer option.

You have to go to the developer option, and then you have to check OEM unlock.
Please make sure that phone and you switch it on, and another thing goes to the date of your phone and switch off the automatic update time.

Then you have to select at least 10 days previous date on your phone because we have to show to this To System That We Are at latest 10 days old user of the phone.

Without doing this thing it won't allow you to see the OEM unlock and all that Hidden settings, so we are ready also, please keep in your mind switch off automatic system update.

Steps to install TWRP on Samsung S8 and S8 plus having the latest version of August 2018 CRGH.

You have to boot into download mode by pressing the volume down with Bixby Button and power button.
Then Press volume up button to Connect the device to the PC.
Open Odin latest version which one we are giving you up, and you have to run Odin as administrator.

Just right-click on Odin and press run as administrator, now you will see one blue box in Odin, so it means your phone appropriately connected your drivers correctly installed.

Few APK files you have to put in your SD card because we have to place that application on your phone.

Put Majestic manager version 6.0.0. Apk.Root check pro APK andS8 and S8+ in your USB or your memory card.

You have to put some specific applications and APK files in your SD card for in your USB.


Now go to Odin tab options and uncheck auto reboot but keep checked f reset time.

Click on the app button and choose the correct TWRP file for your phone if you have a Samsung S8 then you have to pick this fine and if you have Samsung S8 plus then you have to use this file.

Now press the start button, and deflation will start.

After Odin shows pass, then you have to press the volume down Bixby and power button until the screen goes black now you have to press volume Up Bixby and power button for about 4 seconds until you should be in TWRP recovery mode.

You will see some modification and some information to receive in Your Samsung S8 or S8 plus screen just wait for finish, and then you have to go to the options and choose wipe option, and now you have to disconnect your device from PC and select format data it will give you the empty box to  type yes you have to  type yes and press enter It will wipe the data from your phone.

Go back to home menu and choose reboot and then you have to select the recovery option and also select a swipe for install once rebooted you have to choose to keep read-only, and then you have to choose to install and then flash the given file for S8 and S8 plus you have to use his fine and four other versions you have to check this link

After installing the given file, your device should reboot it taking a long time to enter your pin code select your language and so on ignore the popup asking you to restart because of the SIM card change.

Enjoy your phone is rooted now and Majestic and TWRP are both installed.

You have to install root check prove dot APK and start it, and you have to type verify route that should show your device, not root access.

But you don't have to worry because a super su is not installed in your phone install Majestic manager from given link and started control the safety net it should be green.

Now you have to install Titanium Backup start it, and you should see a popup asking you to agree to the root access.

I hope guys you like our guide to install and root twrp  on Samsung s8 and s8 plus august 2018.if you have any questions comment below and we are happy to answer you.

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